gt. Anthony (Tony) Matteoni  USMC

April 6, 1988 – October 1, 2010

Eric Stillman met Tony Matteoni in late 2006, they were stationed in Bangor, Washington. Throughout guard duty and training they became good friends.  From workout partners in the gym, to shopping for a wedding ring, to flying to Michigan for the wedding itself, they were brothers in every sense of the word.  After Eric received orders to Camp Pendleton, CA., 2BN 5th Marines, Tony tried to get orders to California as well but was instead given orders to Camp Lejeune, NC., 2BN 6th Marines.  

Their next stop, while not together, was Afghanistan. While it was unaware to them, Tony’s unit would be replacing Eric’s in Marjah.  The same Afghani dogs that were adopted by Eric and his men would be passed to the Marines of 2/6 who would carry on the fight.  The day Tony was deploying he found out that Lindsy (his wife) was pregnant.  On September 30th 2010, Tony was given permission to use a satellite phone to call his wife. Although the conversation was less than 2 minutes Lindsy passed on the most important news of Tony’s life, they were having a little girl. The next day October 1, 2010 Tony was killed while conducting combat operations in the Helmand Province.

When news reached home everyone was devastated. Lindsy, knowing Tony’s unit was still fighting in Afghanistan, requested for Corporal Eric Stillman to escort her husband, for the last time, to this home in Michigan. 
So please join us on October 1st (Tuesday) for the 3rd Annual Matteoni Mile and make sure to respond to the Facebook event page it means a lot to his family.


A1: Bench Press: (Based on 3RM)

  • 79% x 5
  • 84% x 5
  • 89% x5+

A2: Bent Over Row: 3×5


Part A
8min AMRAP of:

  • 10 STO (115/75)
  • 15 Pull-ups
  • 20 AKBS (55/35)

Part B
For time:
The Matteoni Mile

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