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New Hoodies!

We will be placing an order for the above hoodies before the on 10/20. We will be taking pre-orders for them until then, and due to the higher cost, we will not be keeping very many in inventory.  Lock in your size and the price by pre-ordering! Pre-order price is $45 and retail price will be $55. If you know you’d like a hoodie, please pre-order them HERE.

Bin Rentals:

Don’t forget we will be clearing out all of the cubbies this Wednesday, 10/15. All items left unclaimed will be donated by the end of the month. If you’d like to leave your belonging at the gym, please email us at [email protected] to reserve your bin rental. Bin rentals will be $8/month, with a $5 initial charge for an HWCF Bag Tag for identification.

2nd Anniversary Party!

Mark you calendars for the evening of Saturday, November 8th! We will be throwing a 2nd Anniversary Party for the gym, and we want all members, family members, and friends to join us! More details to come…


A. Back Squat: 4×4 (+5-10# from last week) (2 min rest)
B. BB Good Mornings: 3×10 @ 40×0 Tempo


3 Person Team Row
12 min AMRAP of Row for Calories
**EMOM each team is responsible for performing 20 burpees
NOTE: 20 cumulative burpees must be completed before the team begins to row again (more than one person can be performing burpees at a time). There is no restriction on how many calories each athlete needs to complete, so strategize as best for your team. 


Walking Split Squats: 4×12 (6 each leg)

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