This Friday night, 1/24, CrossFit Shoreside will be hosting Hardware CrossFit in the second Throwdown of the year! If you are interested, sign up for a heat here. Registration begins at Shoreside at 8:00PM, and heats begin at 8:30PM. The workout will be released soon, but there will be an Rx and Scaled division, so we hope to see many HWCF faces up in Evanston!


A1: Strict Press

  • 7×3 @ 75% (stop 2 reps shy of failure on last set)

A2: Pendlay Row

  • 4×5 (work in sets when you can)


  • Deadlift (65% 1RM)
  • Box Jump (with step down)
Post WOD:

GHRs: 3×10

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