“Moylan’s Mayhem”
3 Rounds: (17 cap)

  • 3 Wall Walks
  • 30 Wall Balls (20/14)
  • 60 Sit-Ups

* At the start of each minute, perform 4 burpees

Paleo Challenge Winter 2014
 The Open is coming up fast, bikini season is right around the corner (ha!), and, most importantly, you’ve been asking for it, so it is time for us to get Paleo! At Hardware CrossFit we encourage the Paleo Diet because we see it as a great template for discovering what approach to eating brings you optimal health and performance.
The ‘Paleo’ part of Paleo Challenge means you’ll learn how to remove toxic foods from your diet, replace them with nutrient-dense awesomeness, and track your results while doing it. All amidst the support and encouragement that is your Hardware CrossFit community.
The ‘Challenge’ part of Paleo Challege means you get a chance to win cash money for getting leaner, faster and stronger. Plus competition makes everything more fun.
Facilitating this challenge is our very own nutrition coach: Shannon Sullivan. She’ll be fielding questions, posting recipes, pinching your fat, and leading the meetings. If you have questions or comments at any time, send her an email at[email protected].
More specifics are coming up, but for now, check out our Nutrition Page for more info.

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