Holiday Party:

Join us this Saturday, December 10th @ 7PM  at Atlantic Bar & Grill for our annual Holiday Party! Friends and family are welcome! We will be doing a White Elephant Gift Exchange. Check out our Facebook Event Page for more details.

Lost & Found:

All items in lost & found will be donated this weekend. Please check to see if any items are yours! The lost & found is behind the foam rollers. Today is the last day to pick through the items. They will all be discarded/donated this weekend.


A. Front Squats: 5RM, then -10% for 2×5
B. Good Mornings: 3×8 (start at 35% of 1RM BS)

Conditioning (Practice):

4 Rounds:

  • 10 Box Jumps Overs/Step Overs
  • 15 Cal Bike or Row

*Rest as needed between rounds. 


Athlete’s choice! Be sure to spend at least 5 minutes after class working on mobility!

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