There is no Foundations Class this week. The next Foundations will meet next Saturday, 5/17 at 9AM. Open gym is cancelled tomorrow (Sunday). A great alternative would be taking your mom to watch the North Central CrossFit Regionals at Navy Pier.


Find a 1RM Bench Press


In 15 minutes, teams of 3 work to complete:
Each partner completes (3) of the following AMRAPs (one partner works at a time):
1:30 AMRAP:

  • 10 Bench Press (60% 1RM)
  • ME Goblet Squats (55/35)

**The resting partners, will change the bench press weights if necessary
**At 13:30 when all partners have completed their 3 rounds, all members perform as many burpees as possible until the 15 minutes is complete
**Team’s score = goblet squats + burpees

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