Schedule Changes:

Instead of meeting on Saturday as they usually do, both Foundations and Olympic Lifting will be meeting on Sunday for this week. Foundations will be meeting @ 10AM and Oly will follow at 11AM. Please note, that there will still be open gym this Sunday at it’s usual time, 10AM – 12PM, and the Thursday night Oly class will still meet at it’s regular time.
To Recap:
Saturday 7/26 Schedule:

  • 9AM – Foundations¬†moved to Sunday at 10AM
  • 10AM ¬†CrossFit
  • 11AM – CrossFit
  • 12PM – Olympic Lifting moved to Sunday at 11AM

Sunday 7/27 Schedule:

  • 10AM – Foundations
  • 11AM – Olympic Lifting
  • Open gym will run alongside these classes from 10AM – 12PM

A. Clean: Find 1RM
B. Clean: 5×1 @ 85%
***If you have been participating in the Oly classes, please perform all Clean & Jerk for all lifts


3 Rounds:

  • 5 Front Squats (165/125 (75% 1RM)
  • 250m Row/200m Run

60 KBS (55/35)


Front lever skill work

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