• USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach


Growing up, you’d always see Alia going head to head with the boys in every sport. Her daily routine consisted of rushing home from school, tossing her bookbag as far as she can (kids, do your homework) and playing sports at the park. (Report card day was not fun)

As she got older, she applied this energy into dancing. With no formal dance experience, she learned a variety of styles on her own. Dancing was her first passion until she found Olympic weightlifting a few months after graduating college. Collegiate dancer turned weightlifter!

One day, walking around the neighborhood… really walking to Pauline’s (Go to breakfast spot- shout out Pauline’s) she found Hardware CrossFit. A few Oly classes in and she immediately fell in love with the sport.

Alia encourages everyone to try weightlifting. She feels strong about the benefits of the movements, especially for athletes who want to be explosive within their respective sports.

Alia loves exploring new fitness endeavors of her own, whether that be with golfing, team sports or agility work. Anything that gets her endorphins raging! She’s a simple gal, loves her family and friends and a gooood cup of coffee with ANY sort of pastry.

Alia believes in having a good balance when it comes to fitness. Be proud of the hard work you’re putting into the gym and reward yourself with a donut or two. Fitness and nutrition, similar to life, is all about balance.

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