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A former competitive swimmer, Katy has always loved the challenge of setting and achieving fitness goals. Cleaning through her childhood bedroom recently, she found a notebook listing target benchmarks that she set, at age fourteen, for her future high school and college swimming career. Little did she know that twenty years later goal swim times would be replaced by similar aspirations in CrossFit.
Throughout her life, Katy has found that working with others to reach their goals is even more rewarding than meeting her own. Her professional life has taken several twists, but teaching, learning, and community building have been constants. Before pursuing her current career in higher education, Katy worked in recreation management as an aquatic director at a YMCA. In that role, she particularly enjoyed teaching adults how to swim, helping them work through their fears and over-thinking of the movements.

Katy found CrossFit late in 2011 and joined Hardware as a member shortly after the gym opened in 2012. The thing she loves most about the experience is learning new skills that she had never been able to do before. During workouts she often thinks to herself “I can’t believe I can actually do this!” She is thrilled to have the opportunity to coach others and to help foster an awesome community of athletes!

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