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Ryan grew up in a house where athletics were a part of daily life. He started playing competitive ice hockey at the age of 5 and competitive soccer at the age of 6. Throughout the years, he tried his hand at track and field, basketball, and lacrosse but realized his competitiveness and talents lied in ice hockey. Hockey took Ryan all over the country in high school and college and even the world, playing in Europe for a short time.

Always the tall, skinny kid on the team, Ryan always wondered what it would be like to be considered strong and it took him many years to take the first step into the gym. The intimidation factor and self-conscious feelings dominated his judgment. In 2014 he stepped into the doors of Hardware and began his journey into fitness. In his intro session, he was unable to do a strict pullup, which surprised him. Always a competitive person, Ryan saw himself become fitter, stronger, and more confident. It wasn’t an easy journey often fighting motivation, but he continued to show up and started to see results.

Ryan is an educator by profession and by nature. After years of being a member and learning from the fantastic coaches at Hardware, he decided to take the next step into helping others meet and exceed their fitness goals by becoming a coach. Watching people achieve things that they never thought they could do is one of the greatest thrills to him. He also believes in balance in life, working hard in the gym and treating yourself outside of the gym. Self care is very important to him, but he is constantly trying to employ it in life to varying degrees of success.

The most important thing to Ryan is family and friends. He and his partner Jason have two fur children, Delilah and Delaney, and can be seen galavanting around Andersonville when the weather cooperates.

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