• CrossFit Level 1


Vasilis has always enjoyed being active and finding new ways to challenge himself and others. A firm believer in using athletics and sports to pursue personal growth, Vasilis has participated in numerous team and solo sports and activities, including soccer, track and field, weightlifting, and rock climbing. Vasilis has had several opportunities to share his passion and to teach others, most notably through his work teaching adaptive windsurfing and canoeing in Massachusetts.

Hardware had been on Vasilis’ radar for several years after being introduced to the basic concepts of functional fitness through friends, and the competitive side through the exciting documentaries about the Games. After moving to Chicago in 2017, Vasilis finally tried it out and fell in love with the incredible community and opportunity to learn and apply new skills. Vasilis brings his enthusiasm for fitness, fun, and food to every class he coaches, and strives to help others identify and achieve their goals.

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