2021 Hardware Open!

Price: $30

Event Date and Time:2021-03-12 17:00:33

Hardware has the best time during the 2021 Open! The true purpose of the Open is to build community and let our members test themselves. Despite COVID, we joined in on the fun, gave everyone the opportunity to test their fitness, and gave us all something to look forward to during these hard times.

We hosted Friday Night Lights! Yay! After the workout was posted, we all did doing the workout on Friday. Some people did the WOD during morning/noon classes, or during Friday Night Lights. We were able to have 10 athletes in each room, plus spectators. Having spectators was so much fun and we all love showing off our amazing abilities to our family or friends!

Each workout was challenging in its own way and it was so much fun to watch Hardware’s athletes all push themselves and do everything they could for their team. Everyone was an MVP and a winner!

It was a close fight, but with a final score of 2582, Team Blue were your 2021 Hardware Open Champions!!! The Lucky Ch’Arms┬áput up a serious fight and were VERY close behind with 2497 points.

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