Mobility Seminar!

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Event Date and Time:2021-08-07 13:00:32

Hardware Strength & Conditioning members joined Victoria and Katie (LMTs and Co-Founders of Elevate Massage & Wellness) for a free, interactive and hands on 60-minute mobility seminar! During this event Victoria and Katie:

  • went over common issues like restricted dorsiflexion, externally rotated hips, shoulder impingements, etc, and how to mobilize those areas on your own;
  • guided participants through solo mobility exercises (dynamic stretching); and
  • did demos on those interested

Meet Victoria and Katie!

Victoria graduated from The Soma Institute in May of 2016. Since, she has focused her practice on clinical work, spending her first 4 years of practice in an integrative setting alongside Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and more. She brings the insights and skills acquired in those years to each intake and treatment, building a unique approach to care based on her client’s needs.

Katie is a graduate of the Soma Institute and has been practicing for 10 years here inĀ Chicago. She has worked in clinical settings as well as spasĀ over the years and enjoys helping people in all stages of their health and wellness journey to get to the core of what may be going on in their body.

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