Friday 5/14/21

Effective May 14th, Chicago will move into the Bridge Phase of its reopening plan (businesses can exempt fully vaccinated individuals from capacity limits across all industries). In an effort to gauge where our community is at, we would like to gather some information from current members and coaches as we continue to make health and safety decisions for Hardware Strength & Conditioning. 

Please answer the following questions openly and honestly. Additionally, please note that our current mask policies remain in effect until further notice.


14 min…
A1. Weighted Glute Bridge 4×8-12
A2. Weighted Good Mornings 4×8-12
8 Min AMRAP:
15 Cals
12 Goblet Squats
9 Weighted Sit Ups

Extra Murph Prep Work:

2 x 800m runs
Rest 4 minutes between each run
* wear weighted vest if you plan to wear one during Murph

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