Friday 5/17/24


Hardware IN-HOUSE COMPETITION–PromPalooza–Saturday, June 22nd!

Find a partner and sign up no later than May 25th using this form:


CYCLE NOTES: The snatch skill work today is spaced out every OTHER minute to allow coaches to give LOTS of feedback, as well as to give members time to add weight and THINK from round to round. Conditioning today is sneaky hard, since the two movements resemble each other so closely as far as the lower body is concerned. Pacing is key, but sets are small enough that most should go for unbroken on the WBS.



10x EOMOM Snatch Complex

1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Snatch




5-10-15-20 Row Cals

20-15-10-5 Wall Balls




Foam Roll Upper Back

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