Friday 6/7/24


CYCLE NOTES: Deadlifts should be heavy enough throughout that the rests allowed by the intervals feel necessary. If they feel long, the bar is not heavy enough. This alternating tabata has 2 VERY different movements that require very different approaches in quick succession. Successful pull-up intervals will allow you to do relatively short sets (maybe even singles) with very short breaks. Red-lining the strict pull-up will mean…no more strict pull-ups, so we encourage moderation and pacing from the start. Assistance should be light enough that not many more than 5 reps at a time are possible. The swings, on the other hand, should be unbroken AND explosive throughout.



6x E3MOM

6 Deadlift’s (building)



Alternating Long Tabata 8x :40/:20

A. Strict or Assisted Pull-Ups

B. Russian Kettlebell Swing




Band mobility for shoulders

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