Monday 3/4/24


CYCLE NOTES: DELOAD WEEK Out of the Wendler and into the Open. Everyone should be focusing on speed and range of motion this month. Open athletes, keep the weight light until after 24.3 and to cap your efforts in the metcons at about 80%, leaving something in the tank for the weekends. Strength athletes who are not doing the Open, but are planning on doing the powerlifting meet at the end of the month, you should be focused on technique and speed. This week, all of the weights in all of the workouts ought to stay relatively light. This should be a deload for everyone.

Today’s strength focus should be on speed within the sets. For the strength, weights can start light and get heavier set to set, or you can pick one set of weights that will get heavier as you fatigue. In the workout, you should weight the bar so that 21 unbroken is not possible, but the round of 9 unbroken is. ¬†We want to minimize rest times with proper strategy and scaling.



Upper Body Superset (16:00)

5x 10/each arm

A. Db Bench Press

B. Db Bent-Over Rows




Hang Power Cleans

Push Press

Toes to Bar



Elevated Child’s

Foam Roll Lats

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