Monday 5/13/24


Hardware IN-HOUSE COMPETITION–PromPalooza–Saturday, June 22nd!

Find a partner and sign up no later than May 25th using this form:


CYCLE NOTES: Warning: BOOTY BLAST! All of today’s movements work in different ways to target glutes, even the rows! After all the single-leg squats and swings and full Range of Motion (ROM) squats, you will feel the bum pump in that deep hinge in the gorilla row. Embrace the burn. Split squats can be weighted (or not) in any way or done in any style that allows each member to access full ROM and keep the weight and squeeze in the glutes.

The swings, however, should be as heavy as you can go while still maintaining explosiveness. The elevation of the sumo squats has to be enough to allow for a very large ROM, which is the point of these. You can use whatever you want to elevate: boxes, stacked plates, jerk blocks, etc. Weight can be heavy, but we still want mostly upright torsos and stable spines. The gorilla rows should be weighted to let everyone get at least 10 total (5 per arm) per round.





A. 6/6 Split Squats




Partner Alternating Tabata

12x  :45/:15 (6 each)

A. Elevated Sumo Squats

B. Gorilla Rows




Foam roll quads

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