Monday 5/6/24


Hardware IN-HOUSE COMPETITION–PromPalooza–Saturday, June 22nd!

Find a partner and sign up no later than May 25th using this form:


CYCLE NOTES: The theme for the next two months is: GENERAL PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS. In May, we’ll keep our conditioning bias for both our MUrph-ers and for those entering race season. (In June, we’ll be doing more of a strength/barbell focus with a conditioning mindset.)

Today’s strength is to give you confidence to go a little heavier and try harder variations. For the bench, if you get to rep# eight and still feel like you could have done 10, add weight. If you get to 6 via struggle, that’s fine, but it might not be possible to use the that heavy a weight for all 5 sets. Similarly, if someone can do more than 4 chin-ups, you should then plan to add weight. For the workout, the weight on the barbell should allow for this workout to be a sprint. Rounds of 8 & 10 should get hard, but still be possible either unbroken or with one short rest.





A. 6-8 Db Bench Press

B. 3-4 Chin-Ups (weighted)



For Time:


Shoulder to Overhead

Box Jump



Elevated child’s

Elevated pigeon


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