Saturday 10/9/21


Against a 4 minute running clock, complete 3 sets each of the following work:

500/400 meter row

15 Kettlebell Swings

Max effort burpees in the time remaining


Partner A will complete their first set while Partner B rests. Then Partner B complete their first set while Partner A rests. Partners will alternate back and forth until they each complete 3 sets.



A. HPC + FS + HSC; 1+1+1; every :90; build gradually with technique weight in 5 sets


B) Power clean slow pull to knee +  HSC (BK); 2+1; every :90 build in 4 sets


HSC + SC; 1+2; every 2:00; building to best set in 5 sets then 1-2 more at best set


C) SJ- off rack;



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