Saturday 11/20/21

Today’s workout is dedicated to our November AOTM, Karie! Karie will be taking the 10am class, so come join her fo her workout!




Karie’s AOTM Workout!!


25min AMRAP:

25 Single Under

20 V Up

15 Cals

10 Burpees


Rest :90 sec after each round









A) HPS (MT) + Hang snatch (AK); 1+1; every :90 build gradually with technique loads in 5 sets

B) Hang snatch (BK) + snatch 1+2; every 2 min build to best set in 5 sets


Clean & Jerk:

A) HPC (AK) + FS + HSC + SC; 1+1+1+1; every 2 min; building gradually with technique weight in 4 sets

B) HSC (pause AK)+ Squat clean; 1+2; building every 2 min in 4 sets Then HSC + SC; 1+1; every 2:00; building to best set in 5 sets

C) tall jerk- off rack Sets of 2; every :90 building with light technique loads in 3 sets Then SJ; 3-3-2-2-1-1

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