Saturday 2/26/22




Team of 2:


AMRAP 15 –

3 Hang Squat Clean

5 Lat burpee over bar

7 cals

***Partners alternate full rounds

*** SC should be heavyish theres only three!


Rest 5 min


For time: 21-15-9 reps


Sit Up or GHD


***One partner completes 21’s then second partner completes 21’s and so on until each partner completes 9 and 9 “you go, I go”





A) Hang squat snatch + OHS; 1+2; every :90; build lightly with technique weight X 4 sets

B) 2 position Hang squat snatch (AK/BK) + Squat snatch; every :90
Build to best set in 5 sets then 2 more at best set


Clean + Jerk:

A) Muscle clean + FS+ HSC+ SJ: OTM x 6; build lightly with technique loads

B) PC + FS + HSC + SJ; every :90; build to best load for complex in 6 sets

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