Saturday 4/30/22



AMRAP in 25:00 minutes with a partner:


Partner A:

5 Burpee over Bar

7 Pull-ups

9 Power Snatches


Partner B:

500m Row/Ski or 1000m Bike or .75 mile Echo or 400m Run

*Switch once partner B finishes the Row/Ski/Bike/Echo or Run, B pick up where partner A left off on AMRAP and A moves to Cardio.


STANDARD: 45/35 lb

RX: 75/55 lb

SPORT: 95/65 lb

COMPETITION: 105/85 lb





A) HPS + PS + OHS; every :90 – build lightly in 4 sets

B) Power snatch + squat snatch; 1+1; build to best set in 12 min

Clean & Jerk:
A) Hang power clean (AK) + Hang squat clean (BK) + Squat clean + SJ; every 2:00; building gradually in 5 sets;


B) Hang squat clean + squat clean + SJ; 1+2+1; every 2:00; open at best of (A) and build to best in 5 sets

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