Saturday 4/3/21

We are so proud to announce that our athlete of the month for April 2021 is….


We are happy to announce that our April athlete of the month is Christy C! Christy brings a great spirit, positive attitude and you can always find her pushing herself and the members of her community during a hard workout.  During the open, we all got to witness Christy’s will and tenacity as she attached those workouts. This honor is so deserved. Get to know Christy by checking out her Athlete of the month Profile here! Congratulations Christy!


Partner WOD
2 rounds for time of :
Run 400m
150 double unders
Run 400m
100 alternating db snatches
Run 400m
50 front squats
*35 minute time cap
*Partners run together. Partners split up reps however desired. One person works while the other rests.

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