Saturday 5/1/21

We are so proud to announce that our athlete of the month for May of 2021 is….

David P.!!!

We are happy to announce that our May athlete of the month is David P! During the pandemic, we watched David take his fitness to the next level. David has embodied what we look for each month in our AOTM. He has been remarkably consistent and a positive force within the walls of Hardware. His dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed and his kind spirit has brought so much to our Hardware community. Get to know “the teacher“ by checking out his Athlete of the Month profile here!  Congratulations, David!


25 minute Partner AMRAP:
200m Run
1 Round of Cindy:
5 Pull – Ups
10 Push – Ups
15 Air Squats
* Partner 1 runs 200m then completes one round of Cindy while partner 2 rest
* Partners alternate full rounds
* If you have athetes who plan to do Murph with a weighted vest this year, encourge them to wear vest today!

Olympic Lifting 

Clean Primer:
A) Muscle clean + FS + PJ; OTM x 5 min Build each set lightly with technique weight only
B) Power clean (pause in catch) + HSC; 2+1; every :90 building in 7 sets
Hang squat clean + Squat clean; 1+1; every :90 building to best in 5 sets
C) Jerk primer; off the rack Jerk balance + SJ; 2+1; every :90 Open with BB, then build gradually with technique weight in 3-4 sets
D) Split jerk; pause in dip; sets of 2 every :90 Open at 30% 1 RM SJ and build to challenging double in 5-7 sets
E) Clean Grip Deadlift; 5-5-5-5; build across sets

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