Saturday 6/5/21


AMRAP in 22:00 minutes
In teams of 3, Complete all repetitions at each station before rotation stations.
Station #1 16 DB hang Clean and Jerk
Station #2 20 Calorie
Station #3 12 Burpee Box Jump overs.
*All 3 athletes must complete all repetitions at their stations before rotating. If Coach Katie is finished with DB’s and Coach Alia is finished with burpees, but Coach Ozzie is still working on his calories then we wait for Ozzie before switching stations. You got it Coach Ozzie!
STANDARD: 35/20 lb
RX: 50/35 lb, 24/20″
SPORT: 55/40 lb, 24/20″
COMPETITION: 65/45 lb, 30/24″


A) Muscle clean into FS + PJ; 1+2; every :90 x 6; build gradually with technique weight only, not to exceed 50%
B) Squat clean + SJ; 2+2; every 2 min; open at best in A) and build in 4 sets; then
C) Squat clean + SJ; 1+1; every 2 min build to best in 4 sets then 2 more sets at best.
3 Sets time allowing:
E1) KB FR deficit RL; 6-8/leg; rest :30
E2) DB renegade row; 8-10/arm; :30 rest
E3) seated box jump or tall box jump; 5-8 reps; :30 rest
E4) KB FR carry 100’ slow cadence
:90 rest between sets

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