Thursday 6/3/21

We are so proud to announce that our athlete of the month for June of 2021 is….

Heather D.!!!


We are happy to announce that our June athlete of the month is Heather D! Heather’s progress and dedication to her fitness and this community has been noticed by all. Heather has been remarkably consistent and a positive force within the walls of Hardware. She has shown incredible growth and improvement in her time at Hardware and we could not be more proud to crown her June athlete Athlete of the month. Get to know Heather by checking out her Athlete of the Month profile here! Yay Heather!


A) Snatch high pull + HPS (BK) + OHS; 1+1+1; every :90 build gradually with technique weight in 6 sets
B) Power snatch + squat snatch; 1+1; every 2 min; build to best set in 7 sets
C) Snatch DL; tempo 30×1;
5-3-3-3-1-1-1; build to challenging single; rest 2 min between sets
3 sets; time allowing
D1) DB or KB death march; 30’; rest :30
D2) seated banded face pull; 20×1; 8-10 reps :30 rest
D3) Lateral box step down; 6-8 reps/leg; :60 rest

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