Thursday 7/1/21

We are so proud to announce that our athlete of the month for July of 2021 is….

Michael N.!!!


We are excited to announce that our July athlete of the month is Michael N! Michael has always embodied what it means to be an athlete at Hardware. He is kind, hardworking, dedicated to his community and will always be there to help a new athlete feel welcomed into our space. We couldn’t be happier to crown this amazing human as our July athlete of the month. Get to know “The Professor” by checking out his Athlete of the Month Profile here! Congratulations Michael, you rock!


A) HPS (High hang) + HPS (BK) + PS; 1+1+1; every :90, build gradually with technique weight in 6 sets
B) HPS (AK) + PS; 1+2; pause in catch; every 2:00, building in 5 sets
PS; sets of 2;  every 2:00
Build to heaviest set in 5 sets then 2 more sets at the heaviest 
C) OHS; tempo 3211; 
3-3-3-3-3; building; rest :90-2:00 between sets

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