Thursday 7/15/21


A) Snatch PP + OHS; 2+2; take off rack; every :90, build gradually up to 65-70% 1 RM snatch in 5 sets
B) Power snatch + Hang Squat snatch + squat snatch; 1+1+1; every 2:00, building to best set in 6 sets then 1 more at best set
C) Snatch pull; 
[email protected]%
[email protected]%
[email protected]%
3 sets; time allowing
D1) Single arm KB clean and push press; 8-10/arm; rest :30
D2) Strict pull up with pause chin over bar; 5-7  reps; rest :30
D3) RFESS (aka Bulgarian Split Squat) with KB in FR; 8-10 reps/leg; rest :30
D4) KB mixed rack carry x 100’ slow cadence; :60 rest

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