Tuesday 1/4/22

We are so excited to announce our January Athlete of the Month…Steven S!!!

Steven is everything we hope for in a Hardware athlete. He is hard working, dedicated, coachable, positive, and a great community member. We are so lucky to have people like Steven at our gym! Check out Steven’s AOTM Profile here!



Part 1:

Back Squat 10-8-6-4-2

*Rest 2:00 between sets *

Goal is to increase 5-10 pounds from last week.. This is the Final Week


Part 2:


2-4-6-8-etc.. AMRAP in 9:00 minutes

Box Jump Overs

Front Squats


STANDARD: 45/35 lb

RX: 95/65 lb

SPORT: 115/85 lb

COMPETITION: 125/105 lb



4 Sets of:

A1) Weighted or Unweighted Lunge; 8-10/each leg; rest :30

A2) Weighted or Unweighted Cossack Squat; 8-10/each leg; rest :30


Part 2:

2-4-6-8-etc.. AMRAP in 9:00 minutes

Step Ups

Goblet Squats

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