Tuesday 2/1/22

We are so excited to announce that our February Athlete of the Month is…Jackie H!

Jackie is a dedicated, coachable, positive, and fun athlete to have in class. She gives it her all every time she steps foot in the gym, which is what we love so much about having her at Hardware. Make sure to check out her AOTM Profile to learn more about Jackie. Congrats, Jackie!




Part 1:


5 sets for speed and load:

5 Front Squat


– Rest 1:30 between sets

– Use 60-70% for all 5 sets



Part 2:


Tabata [8 Rounds of :20 On + :10 Off]:

Jumping Squats

1:00 Rest

Russian KB Swing

1:00 Rest

Double Under


STANDARD: 35/26 lb

RX: 44/35 lb

SPORT: 53/44 lb


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