Tuesday 3/1/22

We are SO excited to announce that our March Athlete of the Month is….Kevin W!

Today is Kevin’s 8 year anniversary at Hardware and we feel so lucky to have had him in our community for all this time! He is positive and coachable, determined, and always cheering on his fellow athletes. People like Kevin are what make Hardware what it is! Check out Kevin’s AOTM page to learn more about him!




Part 1:

A. 8 min to perform: BB Bent over rows for 4×6-8

B. 8 min to find a heavy set of 5 rep Bench Press with tempo 310 Tempo 3 sec down, 1 sec hold on chest for each rep


Part 2:


Every Minute OTM x 12:00 minutes

Minute #1: 10/8 Burpees

Minute #2: 10/8 Toes to Bar

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