Tuesday 5/21/24


Hardware IN-HOUSE COMPETITION–PromPalooza–Saturday, June 22nd!

Find a partner and sign up no later than May 25th using this form: https://forms.gle/SPW7CuWUUFBuw5vx9

CYCLE NOTES: The pairing of these lower body movements should allow you to feel and work on subtle differences in the hip hinge. The single-leg Romanian places emphasis on the hip stabilizers in the lower body, while the suitcase deadlift forces the spinal stabilizers in the trunk to do the work. Any variation, foot placement, equipment choice that allows members to feel that different emphasis is fine. In the conditioning, swings should be fast, allowing experienced athletes to get 10+ burpees per round.





A. 6/6 1LRDL

B. 6/6 Suitcase DL



5x Alternating EMOM

A. 10 Swings & Burpees in remaining time

B. Rest

Score = Total Burpees



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