Tuesday 5/25/21

As we continue to grow and add more athletes to our community of all abilities, I wanted to help make the weight or movement selections for programming a little more straightforward and consistent. There will be four tiers of weight or movement options each day. Below are the four tiers, and what they will represent. Athletes, please be mindful of your abilities when making your selection. The goal in doing this is to help you grow and make it to the next level. Don’t make a selection that is outside your ability and will cause you to compromise your workout, form and cause possible injury. Trust the process and you will get to that next level!
Standard: Lightweight and should be for newer athletes. It will typically be the bar, lower box or scaled gymnastic movement.
RX: Standard RX weight and gymnastics movements.
Sport: Heavier weight than RX and elevated gymnastics movement.
Competition: Heaviest weight option and for athletes who want to be/are on the competitive track.



14 min….
Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3
Rest 2:00 between sets and Build
EMOM x 12:00
1st: 50 double unders
2nd: 8 ground to overhead
3rd: 10 cals
STANDARD: 45/35 lb
RX: 75/55 lb
SPORT: 95/65 lb
COMPETITION: 115/85 lb

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