Tuesday 5/3/22

We are so excited to announce that our May Athlete of the Month is….Lauren O!

Lauren is an absolute joy to have at the gym. A morning regular, we love to see the energy and determination Lauren brings to the gym every day. She is an awesome teammate, very coachable, and is always pushing herself. Click here learn more about her, and make sure to tell Lauren congratulations when you see her next! Way to go, Lauren!



Part 1:


10 sets for load:

2 Deadlift


– Same weight for all 10 sets

– Aim for 75-85% of heaviest Deadlift

– New set every 1:30

– Practice moving heavy loads with consistency


Part 2:


12min alternating EMOM for max reps

1:00 Front rack db lunge

1:00 Hollow Up

1:00 Burpee

1:00 Rest


STANDARD: 35/20 lb

RX: 50/35 lb

SPORT: 55/40 lb


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