Tuesday 6/4/24

CYCLE NOTES:In June, we prepare for prom and focus on the barbell. Our strength cycles will be front squats, bench press and deadlifts. We will also work on pull-ups and muscle-ups. This will allow us to enjoy our stronger bodies as we roll into summer. For nearly all of the strength work this month, athletes should think about picking one of two approaches to “building” and stick with it throughout the month. One could either choose to focus on volume. That is, start with a high volume and increase moderately from round to round, perhaps sacrificing how heavy the top set is. Or, one could start moderately with the idea of leaving something in the tank and aiming at a higher “top set.” Neither is wrong. The former builds via hypertrophy, while the latter builds through increasing training “pure” strength.


For the metcon, the hard choice is between kipping pull-ups and jumping pull-ups. Do not avoid banded or otherwise assisted pull-ups, as we are doing the strength version of the movement on Friday and today we are focusing on gymnastics/speed. For people who cannot/should not hang from the bar,  dynamic pulling alternative like the renegade row is your option.



Front Squat (15:00)





Kipping or Jumping

Pull-Ups V-Ups

(10:00 cap)



Elevated child’s

Saddle Archer

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