Wednesday 5/8/24


Hardware IN-HOUSE COMPETITION–PromPalooza–Saturday, June 22nd!

Find a partner and sign up no later than May 25th using this form:


CYCLE NOTES: “Murph Prep” this should also allow you to put the lessons you’ve learned during last month’s max effort back squats to work. Ideally, the weight on the bar is at or above bodyweight for our stronger, more experienced members. Everyone should be able to do at least 15 reps unbroken, in theory if not in practice. (Some may choose to break the squats into small, fast sets, which is fine, but the weight should be something you could potentially do at least 15 times.)



For Time:

“The Crippler”

30 Back Squats

1 Mile Run



Legs up the Wall

Big lunch!

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