Price: $20

Event Date and Time:2020-03-28 08:00:26


Join us on Saturday, March 28th to test your strength in the 3 Power Lifts: Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift!


This event is for ALL LEVELS of lifter and we encourage any Hardware athlete to sign up! We only have 24 spots available and if it’s anything like Pride-a-Palooza, they may go fast!

So…. what is it?


Beginning at 8am, we will be running 3 “Flights” of athletes (maximum of 8 per flight) through the major lifts. Starting with the Back Squat, each athlete will be given time to warm up and establish their weight for the first attempt.


Each athlete will get 3 attempts to hit their heaviest lift, taking one attempt every 4 minutes. When Back Squatting is over, we will repeat the process for the Bench Press, and then one more time for the Deadlift. Easy!


Hardware’s class programming will be ramping up to this event so no extra training is necessary. Just keep coming to class regularly and you’ll be ready to show off your new strength gainz!


Registration opens on 2/24 and closes when we fill up all 24 spots. Once you register, Hardware will reach out to discuss your optimal Flight time.

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