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Jana M.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do outside of the

I was born in Slovakia where I studied medicine but my
curiosity to learn new things and explore other options brought
me to US. I have been working as a physician since I landed in
Chicago. I recently became part of a distinguished medical
group where I provide a patient center healthcare.

Besides work, I love spending time with my family, whether it’s
a crazy hip-hop dancing with my daughter or playing a zombie
game with my son. Otherwise I love theater, good food, coffee,
travelling, hanging out with my friends and a good night sleep!


What initially got you into crossfit and what keeps you coming

It was my curiosity that got me into crossfit and it was actually
my husband who dragged me in one Saturday morning to try out
a class. My sister in law, who lives in Panama, highly
recommended Hardware Crossfit to me when she was visiting.
She has been doing crossfit for many years and it was an
inspiration for me to see her transformation. I was thrilled to
find out myself what the deal is and what crossfit is all about.
There are so many things that keep me coming back – the sense
of being part of something bigger than the box. It’s about the
community, tons of positive energy that everyone brings to the
table no matter the time of the day or the day of the week. Our
excellent coaches and programming of the classes that have
been evolving tremendously since I joined the box.
I am always excited to see the new WOD and the ever-growing
variety and combination of crossfit movements that give me a
mind-blowing rush.


What are your crossfit goals? How close are you to reaching

I would like to continue to improve my fitness and building up
strength. I strive to have an excellent technique in the basic crossfit movements and would like to get some of the more advanced movements like muscle ups mastered at some point. I am not sure how far or close am I…. we did a lot of muscle up drills and progressions in the classes so I think that with a little extra time and effort I will get there in 2020! One of my ultimate goals is to build a strong body and stamina so I can go on for decades.


What’s an accomplishment or goal you’ve reached due to crossfit that’s made you the most proud?

Beating my own times in work outs that I thought were
impossible to beat! I even made it to the white board for Karen and Helen in the past
which was very exciting! I am very proud that I have been able to be consistent with coming to the gym and being able to balance it with my busy schedule outside of the gym.


Favorite WOD/Movement?

Murph. It has all the elements I love! Speed, endurance,
calisthenics… I also enjoy tabata type of workouts. I like thrusters, kettlebell movements and burpees. (I know about half of the gym hates me right now)


Least favorite WOD/Movement?

Bike for cals. It hurts just to think about it….


Any advice for someone interested in trying out crossfit?

Go for it! It’s not what you think it is…. it’s better than that! It’s for everyone who is up for a great change in life, having fun, embracing a challenge, celebrating little victories and share it with the others. Think about it as an opportunity to try something new and you
will be rewarded. There is no loser in crossfit, everyone is a winner. You can always beat your times if you work hard!

So come on in, chalk up and get ready to pull up a bar and load it with bumper plates!

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