Massage Therapy

Complete your fitness experience with a full body massage.

At Hardware Strength & Conditioning we believe massage therapy has a wide range of beneficial effects on all levels of the body: physical, mental and emotional. Whether you are training for an athletic competition, trying to heal from a pesky injury, recovering from an intense week of programming, having a baby, or escaping the stresses of everyday life, massage therapy can help you. The licensed, professional, and experienced Hardware Strength & Conditioning massage therapists will speak with you to assess your needs and tailor their approach to benefit your wellness.

Open to members and non-members, we proudly offer services to meet everyone’s needs. You can find the full details about our massage therapy pricing, appointments and services below.


Victoria is a clinically trained Massage Therapist and has been working in the field for 5 years. She specializes in deep tissue, therapeutic techniques and prenatal massage. Victoria is excited to help her clients at Hardware move better by assessing and improving imbalances, increasing joint flexibility, and educating clients on the self-care techniques most effective for their goals.


Katie is a clinically trained Massage Therapist and has been working in the field for the last 10 years at a variety of both clinical and spa settings.

She enjoys helping people in all stages of their health and wellness journey to get to the core of what may be going on in their body. She carefully tailors each treatment to the clients needs with a variety of therapeutic techniques.


After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, David spent his next 13 years as a gymnastics coach.   As the Head Coach of a Junior Olympic Elite boys’ program, David helped gymnasts achieve their goals of becoming State Champions, Regional Champions, and reach the heights of Junior Elite National Championships Finals Qualifiers.  Now, who’s ready to learn some muscle-ups!?

Away from coaching, David is a tenacious tri-athlete and 4-time Ironman competitor.  After years of beating his body in competition, he himself learned first hand the importance of massage therapy as a tool for athletes in their recovery process.  After graduating Clinical Massage Therapy school, with a Sports Massage Certification, David is excited to help other athletes in their fitness journey through beneficial and appropriate treatments for athletes at all levels.  David is excited to bring his experiences and skills to the Hardware Community.


Treatment Options

Option 1

Intro Treatment

Your first treatment with the Hardware Massage team! Your therapist will complete a verbal intake, as well as a movement assessment. You will review your workouts, obstacles you’ve noticed, past or current injuries, and more.

15-minute intake and assessment, 75-minute massage – $120

15-minute intake and assessment, 60-minute massage – $100

15-minute intake and assessment, 30-minute massage – $55

Option 2


Looking for an intensive treatment to address a certain problem area or discomfort? Pick from one of the three options below for a 30-minute therapeutic session designed to increase functionality and decrease pain.

Full body mobility (increases joint mobility, decreases tension) – $55

Shoulder (complete rotator cuff, chest, and neck) – $55

Hip (lower back, glutes, hams, calves, hips, quads, shins) – $55

Option 3

Follow Up

30-minute – $55

60-minute -$100

75-minute- $120

90-minute – $140

Schedule Your Appointment!

Monday: Victoria, 1pm-7pm
Tuesday: David, 8am-2:30pm
Wednesday: Katie, 1pm-7pm
Friday: David, 8am-2:30pm


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