Massage Therapy


Nik Rendon

Nik (she/they) is a bodyworker with a passion for restoring and preserving the diverse forms of human bodies. inspired by memories of their dad’s bodyshop where the scent of bondo and the gleam of pearl paint left a lasting impression, nik founded bondo.pearl.bodywork.

Nik is a mind-body expert with a phd in neuroendocrinology, an lmt from the new school for massage, and is a functional fitness athlete.

Nik specializes in sports massage using many techniques including myoskeletal alignment, deep tissue, joint mobilization, myofascial release, and dynamic stretching. every session is infused with a deep connection to their dad’s ethos of strength, perception, and intention.

Treatment Options

Pit Stop

30 min $50
treatment on one
focus area. deep tissue. 

Tune Up

60 min $100
whole body treatment with an upper or lower body focus. deep tissue.

Full Service

90 min $130
whole body myoskeletal alignment treatment. deep tissue, joint mobilizations, myofascial release, stretching.