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Michael was the awkward, chubby, effeminate kid who was always picked last in gym class. Dodgeball day was his worst nightmare! He always hated sports and never thought of himself as an athlete. It wasn’t until he was an adult that he realized he had been good at individual sports all along. Growing up in Rochester, NY, he learned to ski early and still loves to snow ski and waterski. He took up tennis and was the captain of his high school team. But as a young adult, going to the gym became mostly about “looking good” rather than physical fitness. He took up running and ran a couple marathons, but that took a level of commitment that felt way too intense. Feeling in a slump with his fitness, Coach Ryan encouraged him to try out Hardware. Despite some initial insecurities, Michael developed a new relationship with fitness seemingly overnight- the goals were no longer just about looking good, they were about increasing strength, taking on new skills and challenges, and feeling healthy. And he realized he could actually do some of the things he always dreaded in gym class – c’mon rope climbs! But really it was the people at Hardware that kept him coming back day after day.

Outside of the gym, Michael is passionate about his work and family. He has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a professor at Northwestern University. He is the Director of the THRIVE Center – a research center dedicated to eliminating health disparities affecting LGBTQ youth. One of his favorite parts of his job is mentoring young scientists, so coaching at Hardware is a great marriage of his love of teaching and fitness.

Michael and his husband have lived in Andersonville for the better part of a decade, and love wandering through the neighborhood trying new restaurants, bars, and breweries. They love to travel the world, spend time with friends, or simply hang out at home with their dog, Murphy.

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