Gizem Stern

"Hardware is our happy place :)"

I’ve been a member at Hardware for almost 3 years and love being part of the community. The first 2 years of my journey involved lots of improvements, fun and consistent gym going. Then I have had to face an unfortunate health challenge and got diagnosed with cancer. During this time, I was incredibly thankful for Hardware’s presence in my life. Owners Darcy and Brandi, all the coaches, and every member of Hardware community cared about my well being and extended support and cheered me on. There were many days I felt like giving up as I could barely get out of bed… But I kept on showing up, because of positive impact Hardware community has on one another. Just by stepping foot inside the gym, I would forget about how tough a battle I was fighting. For that, I will always be grateful. I can’t guarantee your fitness journey will be easy. But coaches and fellow members make it worthwhile, plus there is so much laughter, fun and exciting community activities that you will enjoy. Another reason I love Hardware is the new kids fitness program. My son loves it. It gives me great joy to see the younger members of Hardware make the same connections, and form a love for fitness. Hardware is our happy place :)

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