Athlete of the MonthJune

Alia K

Alia has only been a member of Hardware CrossFit since September of 2017, but in those short 9 months, she has demonstrated several qualities that we love to see in an HWCF athlete: a positive/encouraging attitude, involvement with the community, and consistency/progress in training.

A well known face around the gym, Alia trains in both the AM and PM classes and we have her in logged at 122 classes! She shows up to class early, greets everyone with a smile and a high five, and regularly attends our events/socials. She’s been focusing on building strength and her OLY lifts. She recently got her first pull up, has a 185# back squat, 135# clean, and a 110# snatch. Remember, she’s been at the gym for less than 1 year, those are some impressive numbers!

Be sure to congratulate Alia on being our June AOTM! ¬†Alia, thank you for being such a force at Hardware! It’s a true pleasure to coach you and we are very lucky to have you as a member!






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