Customer of the MonthMay

John K

John Kehoe has a 405 pound squat, a sub 3 minute Grace, and can run a sub 6 minute mile. Let those numbers sink in a bit. Each of those accomplishments are impressive on their own, but the fact that he has done all three since being a member at Hardware CrossFit makes them extraordinary. 

These feats in fitness didn’t happen to John by accident, nor did he walk in the door with freak fitness. He is a prime example of what hard work and consistent training can do. He has been a member for a little over three years now and has logged 688 classes. That’s an average of over four classes per week. That doesn’t even account for the extra hours he spends in the gym. Many training days he stays after class to put in extra work to improve his weaknesses. 

Freak performance aside, one of our most appreciated things about John is his willingness to help others. He has gone out of his way to help improve Hardware (assembling the weightlifting platform, extending the pull-up rig, installing the stall bars, just to name a few).  He also helps his fellow athletes by putting equipment away and cleaning up chalk. 

John will definitely be missed when he makes his move to Portland. Make sure to say farewell to John this week, as this will be the last time he trains with us before his move. 

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