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Dave’s path to fitness has always been non-traditional. Like a lot folks, he dabbled in organized sports, but didn’t establish a strong connection. His 4th grade Basketball team won the Championship without Dave ever scoring a single point. He happened to live near a BMX track in Ohio and convinced his Father to let him give it a try one weekend. He took 2nd place in that race and spent the next few years at the track as often as he could.  Between BMX and Skateboarding he stayed active into his teenage years, but never found a fitness routine that he could continue into adulthood.

Fast-forward many years… Dave tried to stay active and spent time inside of traditional gyms. He had heard of Hardware, but assumed he wasn’t “ready” for that kind of commitment to fitness.  Then he moved a few blocks away and after driving past everyday for a year decided it was now or never.  He signed up on a Wednesday. That first workout was Front Squats – 5 Rep Max and 100 Burpees to Target… for time.  Ouch!  After a few days of much needed recovery,  he was back for more and couldn’t be more grateful. Fitness has provided Dave with so many opportunities for growth both physically and mentally and Hardware has been the perfect space for that growth.

Dave credits his success as an athlete to the Coaching and community support he experienced at Hardware. So, when the opportunity to join the Coaching staff presented itself he knew it was the right decision.  As a Coach, Dave’s goal is to meet people where they are and help them figure out where they want to go.  Once the intention is clear, the hard work of clearing a path can begin. Fitness is a journey and every step, no matter how small,  is a victory. Whether starting from a deficit or experience, we all take our first step toward becoming a better version of ourselves. Dave considers it a great privilege to be a small part of that journey.

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