Many of you have probably heard of talk around the gym of the “CrossFit Open.” What is the CrossFit Open, you ask? This website does the best job describing it…http://games.crossfit.com. It’s 5 weeks of workouts, 1 workout per week. The workouts will be announced by CrossFit HQ on Thursday (beginning 2/27), and you will have the opportunity to complete the workout at Hardware. We will doing the workouts “In-House Competition” style on either Friday nights or Saturdays during class. We will announce which day we will be doing the workout the Monday before.
To those who wouldn’t want to participate because they’re not competitive…. You can’t think of this like a competition with others. If you plan on sticking with CrossFit for a while, this will be a great way to compare your performances year to year. Just ask anyone that participated in the Open last year; it’s incredible to see how much progress can be made over a year. There are only a few who make it to that very competitive level of CrossFit, but for the rest of us, it’s an opportunity to test ourselves with a mentally and physically tough workout.
Bottom line, participating in the CrossFit Open is FUN. Everyone is encouraging/cheering on/counting for other HWCF members. It’s an overwhelmingly supportive environment. Imagine a typical Saturday class energy multiplied by 1000. Plus you get to see how you stack up with other CrossFitters across the world (or sisters, friends, aunts, brothers, parents that also do CrossFit).
Just do it. Test yourself over the next 5 weeks. Register for the CrossFit Open. Don’t forget to name Hardware CrossFit as your AFFILIATE and TEAM. You won’t regret it!
Register: HERE.


It’s test time! We’re completing the CrossFit Total today to measure your progress in the back squat, strict press, and deadlift. For newer athletes, this is a great opportunity to gather some starting strength numbers. For more experienced athletes; you should have an idea of where your 1RM is on each lift based on this equation:
(.033 x Weight Lifted x Reps performed) + Weight Lifted
Use your most recent Max Effort set to estimate today’s potential
“CrossFit Total”

  • 1RM Back Squat
  • 1RM Strict Press
  • 1RM Deadlift


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