CrossFit Open:

Nice work on 15.1, everyone! REMEMBER, SCORES MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE BY 7PM TONIGHT! For the remainder of the Open, we will only be running heats. If you do not sign up for a heat prior to coming in, you will be placed in a heat where there is availability (i.e. if you show up at 10AM, but there are no open heats until 12:20, you will be going at 12:20).
The workouts are announced Thursday night at 7PM, so we will have sign ups for heats sometime later that evening. The link to sign up will be posted on Facebook, and the Daily WOD page on the website.
Open WOD heats will start around 10AM. All athletes will be responsible for warming up themselves. There will not be an instructor led warmup, but there will be a suggested warmup available for you. Please remember, we need judges! The Open is a fun time in the gym. It’s fun to watch people push themselves to do something they’ve never done before. Please come in a bit early to help judge a fellow athlete if you can!

  • There is a Foundations class this Saturday @ 9AM!
  • Yoga resumes this Sunday @ 12:30PM
  • The Thursday 7:30PM class will be doing the Open WOD, or you may use this time as an Open Gym.

1 1/4 Back Squat: 4×6


4 Rounds:

  • 20 Pistols (alternating)
  • 12 CTB Pull Ups

Bench Press: 4×3

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