Since the CrossFit Games season is over for all of us except Owen (yes our very own Owen will be going on to do the Masters Regional workouts!), we will be switching gears.
Our primary focus will be on developing structural balance (ex. RT side vs. LT side and anterior vs. posterior). To achieve this, you will see more unilateral movements in training and there will be posted “extra” training to be done after class.
We will also be deemphasizing speed and time completion on many of our metcons. Each day will be labeled as “Practice” or  “Competition,”
Three of the five weekly metcons will be labeled as “practice.” Practice days will be predominantly technique focused for athletes. Your times and reps won’t be recorded on the board, and there won’t be “RX” posted next to your name. You may even be encouraged to slow down, so that your technique improves.
Workouts labeled as “Competition” are meant to test your fitness, so that you are able to compare your performance to past efforts.


Back Squat: (+5# from last week)

  • 50% x 5
  • 60% x 3
  • 70% x 3
  • 80% x 3
  • 85% x 2
  • 87-90% x 1
  • 92-95% x 1
  • PR Attempt x 1 (optional)
  • 75% x ME

Back Squat: 4×8

Conditioning (Practice):
15 Min AMRAP
  • 20 Cal Row or Bike
  • 15 TTB or 30 Sec hollow hold/rock
  • 5 Parallete HSPUs, 10 HSPUs, or 10 Strict press (70% 1RM)
Structural Balance Extra:

Band Pull Aparts: 3×10

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