SPRING ETERNAL: The 2016 Hardware Nutrition Challenge
Take off that parka & get ready to enjoy summer with the 2016 nutrition challenge. We will kick things off with an event on April 24 that will include a competition overview, discussion of goals and methods, a workout and body composition analysis. The challenge will then last six weeks, which will give you enough time both to see (and feel) real results as well as to affect some serious behavior modification. To help out with accountability, we’re making this a “partner WOD,” too, so you can either join as a pair or we’ll match you up with someone who has similar goals, challenges and experiences. You and your partner will then work together to make paleo work for you in this competition as well as long-term. We will have a wrap-up on Sunday, June 5, where we’ll retest your performance & body composition & have ourselves a healthy (ish) party.

Details: Cost will be $50/person. Contestants will have one week to start the challenge (ie, perform the tests) if you are unable to get to the kickoff. At least $500 in cash prizes will be awarded. The challenged will be organized by Dana Fuller, so please direct all inquiries to him at [email protected].

To get this going, we need commitment from at least sixteen people, so please sign up on the google document here. The sooner 16 people sign up, the sooner we can start discussing what will make 2016 the year you finally made that change. So, let’s go.

Today’s Schedule:
  • 6AM – Open Gym
  • 9AM – Open Gym
  • 5:30PM – Open Gym
  • 6:30PM – Olympic Lifting
  • 7:30PM – Foundations
Focus of Today’s Foundations:
  • Deadlift
  • KBS
  • Rowing

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