Back Squat: 3RM, then -10% for 5×3

Conditioning (Test):

In groups of 2, complete the following:
10x200m Sandbag Carry (bearhug)
Before any athlete begins their carry, they must complete 5 partner burpees. This workout is done relay style. At 321 Go, teams complete 5 partner burpees; Partner 1 then completes their first sandbag carry. When Partner 1 finishes their leg, both partners must complete the 5 partner burpees before Partner 2 heads out for their sandbag carry. Continue on until all 10 rounds are complete (5 each partner).
Record sandbag weight and time of completion.
(30 min cap)


Midline Work:
3 Rounds:

  • 10-60 sec Hollow Hold
  • 10-60 sec Superman Hold

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